Aids to Navigations


For many years FLOATEX has been deeply involved in the design and manufacture of a wide range of navigational aids. The traditionally constructed steel buoys are still manufactured in addition to those built with the latest and most updated rotomoulded P.E. Rotomoulded expanded PU foam or GRP technology and materials. FLOATEX elastic beacons are designed and produced with the


aid of a dedicated fully computerized stability and performance calculation program. FLOATEX produces as well a variety of pole beacons, GRP or rotationally moulded P.E. towers and other accessories. Particular care has been taken in the design and manufacture of the marine lanterns and their electronics, fully equipped with different power sources such as primary batteries, main power or solar energy systems.


All those materials and equipment are designed and produced in accordance to the IALA recommendations and specifications as well as quality tested with the assistance of qualified third party inspections and laboratory facilities such as the Italian military navy or the D.G.S.M. in the Netherlands.