TPR Oil booms

TPR series Floatex oil booms, realised in standard length of 25,0 meters each with total height of 1,0 meter of which 0,3 m approx. freeboard and 0,7 m approx. immersed, are suitable for use as permanent oil boom in exposed areas. The oil boom is composed by a support cloth in polyester with high resistance to tear and tearing, covered with PVC stabilised to the light and treated to be flame resistant following class 2. Floating of the barrier is obtained by the application of special horizontally fixed floats giving the oil boom a buoyancy of approx. 30 Kg/m.

Floats are realised in two halves made in linear medium density rotomoulded polyethylene shells, filled with rigid closed cell expanded polyurethane. These floats are applied to the sheet by means of stainless steel bolts, to permit easy disassembly if damaged parts must be replaced, and also to permits a more rational transport and storage. The lower part of the sheet submerged is ballasted with lead loads applied by means of stainless steel bolts, to guaranty the verticality and stability to the boom. The connection of various elements is realised using suitable quick hooks in stainless steel applied to the cloth by means of stainless steel bolts.

Assembling operations are easily made directly on site by means of only two keys for closing of bolts. The dimensions of TPR oil boom listed in the accompanying table are indicative and FLOATEX can produce special sizes to meet customer specifications.

Technical data  
Utilisation Permanent / Off-Shore
Draught 700 mm
Freeboard 300 mm
Total height 1,0 m *
Standard length 25 m *
Weight 15 Kg/m
Reserve Buoyancy 30 Kg/m
Ballast 3,3 Kg/m
End connections Inox 304 / 316
Floats P.E. filled P.U.
Cloth Polyester PVC coated
Tension strenght 100 kg/cm *
*Other dimensions and tear strength available upon request