Quality assurance

All Floatex products are designed and manufactured under quality system in accordance with ISO 9001. Floatex is recognised as international leader in the design and production of buoyancy material equipment for all applications from seawater surface up to ocean depth.

The quality system applies to, and interacts with, all activities pertinent to the quality of the products, to satisfy our clients as Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Environmental, Ministry of Transport, major off-shore oil companies and their associated suppliers, Netherlands D.G.S.M. and all fishing companies.

Accreditations to ISO 9001 records that management procedures have been established and are followed to ensure consistent product quality. Floatex recognises that its customers require high value for money quality and is not content simply maintaining accreditation to ISO 9001 but continually seeks to improve. Floatex has an independent quality department that follows Quality Assurance and Quality Control step by step.

The quality assurance adheres to the formal Quality System to UNI EN ISO 9001.2000. All interfaces with other departments are through written procedure of which the Quality Assurance Department holds all master copies.

All departments are regularly audited to ensure that their procedures are being adhered to. Any non-compliance found during audits is formally recorded and remedial action must be taken to ensure that the problem is corrected and cannot recur. All amendments to procedures are documented and have to be authorised by the Quality Assurance prior to implementation.